Safeguarding is everybody's business

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According to South Gloucestershire Council, “Safeguarding is Everybody’s Business” and the “responsibility of everyone including statutory, independent and voluntary agencies as well as every citizen. We will work together to prevent and protect adults with care and support needs from abuse and promote wellbeing”. 

(The last sentence quoted is not English. It should say “We will work together to prevent the abuse of adults who have care and support needs, protect them and promote their wellbeing”)

Well that’s the theory. This blog tells the story of what really happened to my elderly mother, Dorothy when the statutory agencies responsible for her care and support needs repeatedly failed to promote her wellbeing and protect her from abuse.

The true story can be used as a resource by families because it reveals the lessons learned by one South Gloucestershire family when they tried to protect their loved one from the effects of the collapse of integrated health and social care in England.

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